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The Paradise Jet Boating vessels have been purpose built for ‘doing their thing’ on the Gold Coast Broadwater. Slipping, sliding, fishtailing, wake surfing, pulling “nose offs” and amazing 360° spins – beach buzzing in just centimetres of water at over 40 knots (almost 80 km) – or simply cruising as you catch your breath…. this is the best way to experience this beautiful area.

Powered by massive turbo-charged engines or high performance Chevy V8’s coupled to Hamilton Jet units ( that pump up to an incredible 50,000 lt of water per minute. Designed with leading edge technology and safety/comfort/performance features, the Paradise Jet Boats are among the best of their type in the world.

The latest addition to our fleet, Paradise #3 is an amazing vessel. Designed and built in Bluff in New Zealand by the Mackenzie brothers of Mackraft Marine ( this boat is the most advanced of its type in the world. Featuring higher levels of performance, safety, passenger comfort and power/weight ratio a ride on this boat is a must for all adventure seekers.

*Maximum speed allowed on Gold Coast Broadwater is 40 knots.

Paradise Jet Boat 1

Paradise Jet Boat 1

Paradise #1 Our first boat, built in Queenstown NZ in 2004. Modified version of latest “Shotover Jet” design.

Dimensions: Length 6.7m, Beam 2.5m, Weight 1.85T
Capacity: Skipper + 14 pax Power: 440hp, Turbo Charged, high performance commercial Yanmar diesel
Propulsion: Hamilton 274 jet unit Speed: Measured at 43 knots (fully loaded). 80kph*
Paradise Jet Boat 2

Paradise Jet Boat 2

Paradise #2 Purchased from Shotover Jet in 2007. Now carrying our sister brand colours….Extreme Jetboating.

Dimensions: Length 5.45m, Beam 2.55m, Weight 1.05T
Capacity: Skipper + 12 pax Power: 454 Big Block Chevy performance tuned
Propulsion: Hamilton 213 jet unit Speed: Measured at 46 knots (fully loaded). 85kph*
Paradise Jetboat 3

Paradise Jetboat 3

Paradise #3 Our newest vessel. Built by Mackraft NZ with the latest design, safety, comfort and performance features for this class of boat in the world.

Dimensions: Length 7.34m, Beam 3.09m, Weight 3.09T
Capacity: Skipper + 22 pax Power: 2 x 330hp, Turbo Charged, high performance commercial Yanmar diesels
Propulsion: 2 x Hamilton 241 jet units Speed: Measured at 48 knots (fully loaded). 89kph*
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