Our Location

Thanks for booking with Paradise Jet Boating.

Arrival at our terminal 30 minutes prior to your booking/ride time is required.

This allows time for the check-in procedure and pre-trip preparations to occur prior to the tour departing.

Arriving late may result in your seats being sold to other passengers.

Arriving after the tour departs means you have missed your ride entirely…and there are no refunds or reschedules in these circumstances.

If you are running late, please call 5526 3089 as soon as possible.

If we know you are running late…and we are able to resell your seats before the ride departs, then we will be able to arrange a reschedule.

Terms and Conditions

Check In – 30 minutes prior to departure time.

Minimum of 24hours notice required for reschedules and 48 hours for cancellations. No refunds for late cancellations or ‘no-shows’. This is at Paradise Jet Boating’s discretion.

Your purchase of this ticket and boarding of the boat confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Tickets to Paradise Jetboating are sold to each and every passenger (in these Terms and Conditions referred to as the “Purchaser”) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Paradise Jetboating reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.
  2. The Purchaser understands and acknowledges that jetboating can be a dangerous activity and that serious injury, death or loss or destruction of property may result from jetboating.
  3. By purchasing a ticket, the Purchaser accepts all risks and liabilities from his or her participation which could result in loss of life, permanent or temporary injury and loss or destruction of property.
  4. The Purchaser releases all people associated with Paradise Jetboating, and will indemnify them against all liability, including liability resulting from their negligence, from all injury, loss or damage arising out of or connected with the Purchaser’s participation in Paradise Jetboating.
  5. Paradise Jetboating reserves the right to pursue legal claims against any passenger who is a hazard or causes a hazard that affects the safe and legal operation of the vessel.
  6. Paradise Jetboating reserves the right to refuse any person, for whatever reason, participating in the ride and may remove any person from the vessel, vehicle or facility, in its absolute discretion whether or not they have previously purchased a ticket.
  7. The Purchaser will not eat, drink or smoke whilst aboard, or whilst embarking or disembarking the vessel, vehicle or facility.
  8. The Purchaser must not participate in the jetboat ride whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. The Purchaser must obey all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings given by Paradise Jetboating, including but not limited to, the use of all safety equipment provided and safety procedures.
  10. Passengers may get wet and are advised not to carry valuable property that may be damaged. The Purchaser is responsible for his or her own personal property. Safe storage areas are available.
  11. The Purchaser must be in good health and free from any medical conditions that may be aggravated by the activities conducted by Paradise Jetboating. The Purchaser must seek medical advice if uncertain. Any Purchaser, who is pregnant, suffers from back, neck or heart conditions, or has previous injuries are strongly advised not to ride on Paradise Jetboating vessels and should consult with the booking office or skipper before boarding.
  12. Children Purchasers must be 14 years of age or under to receive a ticket at the child’s rates.
  13. A Family is deemed to be 2 Adults Purchasers and 2 Children Purchasers.
  14. An adult Purchaser must accompany children under 10 years of age.
  15. Paradise Jetboating reserves the right to add, withdraw, substitute and or vary advertised routes, vessels, prices, departures times and trip duration and accepts no responsibility for any loss or additional expenses arising from changes, delays or cancellations of the services and activities.
  16. Paradise Jetboating reserves the right to cancel any service as a result of weather conditions, insufficient reservations or any other unforeseen event or circumstances.
  17. Refunds are entirely at the discretion of Paradise Jetboating.
  18. 24hrs notice is required to cancel or reschedule a pre-booking. If less than 24hrs notice given, cancellation charges will apply. Ticket holders who ‘No Show’ without prior cancellation or notification are not eligible for a refund.
  19. Any photographs or videos taken by the Purchaser must be for the Purchaser’s personal use only. Any use, reuse or production for commercial purposes without the express written consent from Paradise Jetboating is strictly prohibited. Any images taken of Paradise Jet Boating vessels and passengers may be used at any time for security, sales or promotional purposes.
  20. This voucher is non-transferable.
  21. This voucher is based on fares and tariffs which are, to the best knowledge of Paradise Jetboating, correct at the time of issue. Any increases since the date of issue are at the cost of the Purchaser.
  22. In participating in any activity conducted by Paradise Jetboating, the Purchaser agrees to the conditions set out above and consents to the conditions in clauses 22(a) to 21(d) below.
  23. a) I agree that my successors, executors, administrators and next of kin are bound by these terms and conditions;
  24. b) I agree not to commence any litigation or proceedings in any country in relation to the risks and

perils set out in these terms and conditions and to indemnify Paradise Jetboating against any such claims;

  1. c) I confirm that I am physically fit and suffer no medical conditions which may be aggravated by this activity; and
  2. d) I consent to receive medical treatment in the case of injury, accident or illness during the activity and to indemnify Paradise Jetboating against any claims in respect of this treatment.
  3. If your booking is for one of the Combos/Packages that Paradise Jetboating provides in conjunction with another operator or tour/ride provider (including, but not limited to: Aquaduck Tours, Hot Air Ballooning, Jet Ski hire, Parasailing, Indoor Sky Diving, Helicopter Flights, 4WD Tours, Whale Watching and others) please be aware that Paradise Jetboating will not be responsible for any accident, injury, damage or loss incurred whilst partaking in the activity provided by that operator or tour/ride provider. In relation to any of these various Combos/Packages that Paradise Jetboating offers, Paradise Jetboating is acting as a ticket sales provider for the other activity/tour/ride only, and as such do not accept any responsibility or liability in respect to the operations and actions performed by the other operator/provider.

In these Terms and Conditions “Paradise Jetboating” means Gold Coast Jet Boating Pty. Ltd. trading as Paradise Jetboating, it’s owners, officers, employees, servants, agents and contractors.