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Our Gold Coast Tours – Ride Options & Prices

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Jet Boat Adventure Ride


  • Ranked the #1 jetboat tour since 2012, this is Australia’s ultimate jet boating experience
  • 35 kilometres of Adventure.  Departing directly into the Broadwater at Main Beach, beside Sea World. No time spent in the 6 knot/river zone.
  • The longest ride on the Gold Coast and the only one accessing the exclusive Northern Broadwater and Marine Park areas.
  • Experience the magic of seeing dolphins in the wild… and visit Sovereign Island’s amazing waterfront mansions.
  • More of the thrills, spins, slides, drifting and other exciting manoeuvres that jetboats are famous for.


Jetboat Express Ride
  • Time or budget constraints? This is the perfect jet boating option for you.
  • 20 kilometres Jet-Blast.  Departing directly into the Broadwater at Main Beach, no time wasted in the 6knot zone!
  • Experience some fast and fun jet boat spins and slides through the Southern Broadwater around Wavebreak Island.
  • Departure times vary from day to day and are subject to availability.  Advanced booking is recommended.




Our Gold Coast Tours – Which Ride is right for you?

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