Paradise Jet Boating secures its position as Australia’s #1 (and largest) jet boat operator!

V8 Jet boat Gold Coast

Skipper Duffy captains Paradise 4 on her maiden voyage with 22 excited thrillseekers on-board


V8 Jet-Boat-Engines

Paradise 4’s ‘State of the Art’ engine bay

Paradise Jet Boating are excited to announce the arrival of Australia’s most advanced jet boat, a welcome addition to the existing fleet.

“Paradise 4” features twin V8 Mercruiser “Black Scorpion” engines, delivering a massive 700hp. These high performance, race tuned engines are coupled to Hamilton HJ213 jet units and provide this vessel with more performance and acceleration than any boat in this class currently in Australia.

With a capacity of 22 passengers (plus driver), Paradise 4 is the only twin V8 jet boat operating commercially in the country.

Passenger comfort, safety and performance have all been optimised in the design of this vessel, allowing Paradise Jet Boating to provide even more extreme action to Gold Coast thrill seekers.

Secure your seat on Australia’s #1 jet boat ride today!