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At Paradise Jet Boating, we are committed to providing an experience that is accessible and inclusive of people of many abilities. Our adventure rides are accessible to people with a range of physical, sensory and intellectual abilities. Please speak with our team who can provide further information and advice. In this accessibility statement, we aim to accurately describe our facilities and services to give you the confidence when you visit us that we are able to meet your specific requirements.

Accessible Car Parking

There are two accessible car spaces at the marina, located approx. 25 metres from the departure terminal. There are also two additional ‘reserved’ car spaces directly in front of the departure terminal.

Paradise Jet Boating no parking sign

Departure Terminal

Customers can enter the office by a ramp, the minimal opening width within the departure terminal area is 122cm.

Paradise Jet Boating front office
Paradise Jet Boating waiting room

Storage of belongings

Customer bags and belongings are stored securely during the trip. There is space for strollers/ wheelchairs and other accessibility aids to be left behind whilst on the ride.

Hearing / Language

Passenger safety instructions are available in written format.

Written safety instructions are available in – English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Chinese safety instructions


Children from 4+ yrs are allowed to ride on the jet boat.
Family members or infant carers can wait behind if they are not participating. There is a coin-operated jet boat ride for kids, coffee machine, water, free wifi and undercover seating available.

Boarding the Vessel

Customers need to travel down a declining ramp to access the jetty and board the boat. This ramp is 80cm wide at its narrowest point.

To board the vessel, customers must clear the side of the boat (height approx. 50 cm). Assistance can be provided if necessary.

All boat drivers are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Jetboat docked and empty
ramp going down to docked jet boat


There are male and female public toilets at the marina including one unisex accessible toilet.

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in our departure terminal. They are unable to be taken on the boat, but our staff will happily supervise them in the office while you are on your ride.

Jetboating staff looking after guide dog

Carers Card Holders

Paradise Jet Boating offers a 50% discount to carers card holders when accompanying their companion on the jet boat.

Qld Carers card

Please contact our friendly team to discuss your individual accessibility needs. We look forward to seeing you for a spin soon!

Myrinda Buercknen – Oct 2017

“Our family love a thrill ride, and we love to do things as a family which isn’t always possible when one of the group (Conner) has severe autism. Paradise Jet Boating makes it possible for us.

In the last 7 years we have had thirty jet boat rides. The staff bend over backwards to meet our needs, the access is great, easy to get in and out…. no steps.

The staff are so patient with any special request that we may have. We will always come back so we can share family fun.

Thanks Paradise Jet Boating…. we love ya”

Special needs customers on Gold Coast jet boat rides
Tripadvisor Review snippet
adults, kids and a man in a wheelchair getting ready for a jet boat ride
jet boat with surfers paradise in the background

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