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Our boat drivers are highly trained and skilled all of them have been driving boats most of their lives. Yes they get paid and driving boats is their job but for most of our drivers driving boats is their passion. Wait till you see their workplace… the beautiful Gold Coast Broadwater, it has to be one of the greatest work environments in the world. 
Everyday several customers ask “How do I get a job here” or to the driver they say “Wow you have the best job on the planet”. To be honest they do have a great job but it is not as easy as some people think. They are highly skilled, they have years of training, boat maintenance skills, hundreds of hours logged driving boats, first aid qualified and this is before they even get to drive one of our boats…. Then the training really begins!

Our Drivers


From: Over the ditch
Age: 35
Experience: I was born on a boat.
Favourite Movie: The endless summer
Favourite Sport:
Surfing & Rugby… All Blacks all the way. 


From: Gold Coast
Age: 39
Experience: 25yrs on Gold Coast Waterways
Favourite Movie: Barbie
Favourite Sport:
Surfing, Fishing, Diving

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